Virginia Futsal® is the United States Futsal Federation’s exclusive representative for 
Virginia and DC and is managed by the 
Virginia Youth Soccer Association.
Be sure your player is properly insured while participating in any futsal activities.
VYSA insurance for travel & recreational players does not include Futsal.   
Coaches and parents should be sure that any Futsal league or tournament they plan to participate in provides insurance through an affiliate of United States Futsal. Virginia Futsal® is the official state association of United States Futsal.
Virginia Futsal® will:
  • Sanction Futsal league and tournament play
  • Provide an easy way to register Youth and Adult players as well as Coaches
  • Run background checks on all Futsal Team Officials
  • Host a USFF State Championship.
    • Virginia Futsal® State Champions will be crowned in youth and adult age groups and will move on to USFF Regional and National Championships.
Another great resource for Virginia Futsal® members will be VYSA’s Coaching Education   Department. The Coaching Education Department will offer clinics and courses throughout the year to help educate VYSA’s member coaches on technical and tactical aspects of Futsal.